Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gobble till you wobble!

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks with cookie orders and I'd like to take a minute to thank all of our great customers for their support, orders and enthusiasm for our cookies! Here are a few of the Thanksgiving designs we're getting ready to head to their holiday homes (and bellies!)

Give Thanks bundle.
Not everyone loves pumpkin pie, but everyone loves a cookie!
(Not pumpkin flavored, just a look-a-like.) Note, these are minis.
Pie slices come in regular and the minis. 
Might be my favorite cookie so far this Fall. It's stenciled royal icing
and then airbrushed with Fall colors.
Paying respects to the Pilgrims and turkeys of course! 
Silly turkey cookie platter. Includes 14 cookies.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paint (a cookie) with water! Thanksgiving activity for the kids.

Whew, Halloween over - check! Next up a wonderful month of inspired gratitude, remembering your daily blessings, warmth, coziness and of course the insanely huge meal at the end of the month that provides leftovers for two weeks! 

I've hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my husband's family for a few years and have quite enjoyed it. It's not always how I envision it in my mind but it is what it is and that is family, food and a few laughs along the way. 

This year if I can keep my kids away from these little beauties until turkey day, I will have them paint their own cookie a few hours before dinner. (Maybe a mid-day snack?) Who really eats 3 square meals on Thanksgiving?

Remember those paint with water books from when we were kids? This is the same idea. These are basically watercolor cookies. You dip a food-safe paint brush (provided) in a bit of water, wipe it on a paper towel, and then pick up the color you want to paint your turkey with. You may have to do the paint "pick-up" a couple of times but this really does work. But remember that you don't want your cookie to get soggy from too much water. Keep paper towels close by to dab excess water off your cookie. If you just can't wait, well I won't tell anyone that you didn't color in everything, just enjoy it! It's a cookie! 

If nothing else it may give you a few moments to peel potatoes or get in a card game with your cousin and a cute photo op with the littles at your holiday celebration. 


Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It was a crisp 37 degrees this morning as we headed out for a meeting this morning. The wind was blowing through the almost bare trees and leaves crunched under foot. Definitely feels like Halloween today! We added some new characters to our Halloween this year with a Minecraft creeper pumpkin, and a mini Jack Skellington pumpkin face too. I think my favorite though is the creepy tombstone. They all taste great though so that's really all that matters! I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween with lots of your favorite treats!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Take the Crown! Let's go Royals!

So maybe game 1 of the World Series did not turn out the way many Royals fans would have wanted. Good news, it's not over! It's just beginning! I've got to say as someone who used to work in baseball, Madison Bumgarner, is an amazing pitcher. His ability to really change up his pitches is so cool to watch. So with another game in KC tonight, time for some Royals cookies! 

For the record I grew up in Sonoma County in Northern California. I grew up watching the Giants. If it weren't for the Royals though and their AA team in Wichita years ago, I wouldn't be where I am today. So thank you Royals! In case you are wondering, 

P.S. ~ I would make SF Giants cookies too, but their fans just haven't ordered any! 

KC Royals cookie set featured on our Etsy site!

Go Royals! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Go Mustangs!

I did some cookies for the 6th grade football team last week. It's been a rough season for the boys but they're keeping their chins up, working hard and having fun. And a cookie or two never hurts! Good luck Mustangs!

Mustang cookies. Might make a good Bronco too! Bronco fans? 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

To infinity and beyond!

The Toy Story movies are one of our family favorites. Something for everyone when it comes to humor. For awhile it even helped my kids take care of their toys better. So I was super excited to get a chance to do some Toy Story themed cookies for a sweet little guy's birthday recently. Hope you had a fantastic day! Thanks for the order Lauren!

Visions of Toy Story dance in my head! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A vision of Fall in cookies

With weather in the fifties today and leaves on the ground it finally feels like Fall around Kansas City. Perfect day to show you some fun fall cookies. These are perfect for a bonfire night, or with a pumpkin-spice latte (yes, I am guilty ~ love them!) A friend took these to a fundraiser for a family in need. I hope they did their part to help out!

Fun fall assortment, enjoy! 
The tall pumpkin is a new favorite. Can't wait to do jack-o-lantern faces on them.
There are white pumpkins everywhere I look, so I had to do a few!
If you don't like candy corn, that's ok.Try this cookie instead, it's way better!
I always do acorn cookies. But this year they take on a new significance as our oak tree is dropping thousands upon thousands of them. Dropping in my yard, on my car, on my head a few times. When I drive into our driveway it sounds like I am driving on bubble wrap! When I leave my driveway I can hear them rolling around on top of my car.  Sleeping with the windows open? Not an option right now. Acorns drop all night, loudly, on the top of the cars. They are mocking me!